Calling All Ladies

We're taking a break from talking about current projects this week 1) because we're still "in progress" with the bathroom and loveseat and we just feel we'd be boring you with the minimal progress we've made and 2) because I want to delve into a budget-friendly topic every lady should be taking advantage of right now...that is, swimsuits.  That's right, this post is dedicated solely to every woman reading it.  :)  

With summer on it's way out, big savings on popular, super-cute swimsuits are in.  So, I've rounded up some of my favorites to show you.  You'll notice that not only are most of them discounted, but they're also cute and modest.  My good friend Lauren and I spoke at a Theology of the Body Teen Summer Party Camp a couple of months ago and we dove into the realm of modesty, self-worth, and protecting and saving yourself.  As a woman in this society, it's sometimes hard to see the value in "covering up" and is, more often than not, looked at as "prudish".  I was convicted after that week to someday write a post dedicated to modest swimwear, showing that modest can be cute, and doesn't mean your swimsuit needs to consist of a turtleneck and baggy pants worn to the pool or beach...  :)  Now, when these modest swimsuits are on sale, is the perfect time to get this post in.  :)  So, without further ado, here are my faves categorized by whence they came:


  1. Alicia (little sister)Saturday, August 27, 2011

    I just went to link onto the websites to check out prices for some of these and it says error not found :(

  2. Oopsie! Thanks for the heads up Leeshie! I think I fixed the prob... :)

  3. Hi sister! I absolutely love these suits!!! =) Thanks! I've been looking for some new ones! Love ya!