All White Then

 One tedious, get-in-all-the-cracks-curves-and-crevices coat...

and a second layer of the same, painstaking, priming labor...

gets us this beauty:
Isn't it just so fresh and lovely?!  After tomorrow, it'll be even more so as I take on the task of spray painting the actual top coat of white paint on.  :)

The best part is that none of the cracks are noticeable anymore!  They totally blend in and either disappear or just add a little teeny tiny character.  For example, remember this scary one?

Well, we reattached it by putting lots of Liquid Nails into the dowel holes and reinserting the dowels.  After that, we were left with some pretty large cracks still but after filling them in with wood filler (not to be confused, like I initially was, with wood putty, which doesn't dry to a hard finish),

allowing the filler to dry completely, sanding it down to a smooth finish, and priming over it, we got this:
Does the "Oh, oh it's magic, ya kno-o-ow" song pop into anyone's head like it does mine upon seeing the result?  Well, all white then.  :)

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