One Heck of a Trash Pile

Oh boy!  What until you see what I've got to write about today!  In my last post I mentioned it but nothing could have really prepared you for what you're about to see.  First though, I must begin with a little intro.  A few weekends ago, we chaperoned a middle school retreat.  The retreat came and went and before we knew it, it was time to go home.  I rode home in a packed van with friends...emphasis on packed...every seat was full and the trunk was stuffed.  Off we went, down the street, around the corner, through a neighborhood, past a gorgeous, antique loveseat sitting on the curb amidst a trash pile...WHAT?!  Yep, word for word, that's how it went.  And this is what ensued:
Me and friends:  Oh my gosh!  Look at that loveseat!  Who would throw that out?  It is really out there for the taking?  Wow!
Our friend Dan:  Sheena, do you want it?
Me (inside):  Of course I want it!  It has "TAKE  ME AND FIX ME UP" written all over it!  But the van is PACKED...I'm so torn!  Just look away Sheena...look away and move on.
Me (outside):  No, it's okay.  
Our friend Dan:  Sheena, are you SURE you don't want it?
Me:  There's no room!  Just keep's okay.
Our friend Dan:  We'll carry it.
...and they did.  Dan and Kevin carried our treasure down the street, around a corner, through the neighborhood, and to a building on the high school campus where Dan's wife Lauren, their kids, and I drove
to meet them. 
(Right after I took this picture, our friend Kevin (left), who was visiting from out of town that weekend and who doesn't know about my thrifty behavior and DIY mania, asked "So, is this some sort of hobby?"  I thought to myself, "more like addiction" but just responded with an enthusiastic "yes".  Lord, help me.)

You might be wondering too, as we were, why anyone would curb a couch like that.  Well, we'll just say it wasn't exactly in perfect condition.  The front, left leg is broken but still works as a support and the back two legs are just hanging on by threads. 

See the difference in the two front legs? The caster will come off the right leg, making them even.
Also, the woodwork along the top is a little shaky but thankfully, isn't part of the support system.  A few little nails and maybe some wood glue and we'll be good to go sit.  The whole thing needs to be reupholstered, which I'm so excited to try too!  Nothing like learning on something that was free in the first place, right?  For now, this beauty is resting it's haunches on Anthony's toolbox.  I've even already started the process of peeling off trim, fabric, and old batting which I'll write about in the next post! 
Oh what fun it's going to be!  Come along with us on our loveseat adventure!  We promise we'll do all the work, all you have to do is watch the transformation!  :) 

P.S.  If there are any seasoned reupholsterers out there, or even any amateur ones reading this, I'd love some input!

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