Stack 'Em

Whew!  I feel like I've been on a blogging sabbatical!  I've been reminiscing lately about the very day I started this blog - Anthony had his nose in a book for grad school and I was as bored as a fly in a jar.  Man has life changed!  These days I barely have time to dry my hair much less relax and "journal" on my blog.  It's bittersweet though, you see, because I love being busy but I also love being able to relax and pour out my thoughts, ambitions, and recent projects here.  Which is why I've set a goal for myself to get out one post per week until this summer, at which point our lives will slow down and you may even see Anthony starting to post.  :)
But anyway, on to my recent concoction.

We registered for and received these water glasses for our wedding... 
 except we only have 11 left (out of 20).  How did we get here?  Well, this one's all Anthony.  Most (if not all) of them were lost while doing dishes...he's a very passionate person and he always talks with his hands and when you combine those two things with doing dishes, well, let's just say we've cleaned our fair share of broken glass out of our sinks.
The remaining, unbroken (for now anyway) glasses have been taking up space in a top shelf and I've been going back and forth about just donating them to free up cabinet space.

In come the flowers and the light bulb inside my crazy head.  For my early birthday present, my Aunt sent me a beautiful bouquet (thank you again Auntie Angie) which went immediately to the center of our kitchen table.  A few nights later we held a Saint Valentine's dinner for our youth group and I was graciously given a leftover centerpiece to take home - which ironically had in it the same exact bunch of flowers I had received in my Aunt's bouquet.  So, to make a long, overly drawn out thought process in my head shorter (because believe me, I could go on), I took out those glasses, stacked a few, and made my own colorful additions to the already existing, but lonely birthday bouquet.

I even stuck a candle in one for good measure, just to show how old glasses can turn into vases or candle holders or even to showcase something small if you turn them upside down.  My point, as always, is that there are endless ways to use what you have to create something new...for free.

Well, so long, can't stay.  It's 3 o'clock and I have to finish folding laundry, rush out the door and make a quick we-are-almost-completely-out-of-food grocery run (which won't be quick, really), make a drop-off to the Goodwill on my way to picking up my God daughter's birthday present, which is on the way to Studium - an hour-long presentation held at our church once a month by our priest, after which I'm sitting in on our parish's RCIA class with Anthony, only to run to Kohl's on our way home and use the $20 in Kohl's cash we have before our 30% coupon runs out tomorrow (because we can't not save more money), then come home, make dinner (or late-night munchies, which by that time it will be), and then fall into bed wiped out ready to start all over tomorrow.  :)
Does anyone else know how I feel?  You do?  Maybe we should start a support group...Hi, my name is Sheena and I just can't stop... 

.           .           .

P.S.  I know I mentioned I'd be posting about my blinds project and I will. That one's just going to require a little more time of which I'm lacking presently.  Stay tuned!

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