I've Come A Long Way

My side 'job' recently has been sorting, organizing, and hunting down clearance photo albums to make sense of my life and Anthony's life in pictures.  As of two weeks ago, all of our pictures were piled in complete chaos in a plastic bin and stuffed inside our guestroom closet.  At the present moment, the plastic bin is now being used to hold recyclables and the organized piles of pictures are cheerfully awaiting their new homes in albums I have yet to find.
So anyway, as I was organizing I came across some pictures I thought I'd share that show just how far I've come in DIY.


I think these were both taken at Grandma's house and I'm pretty sure Grandma and Grandpa were laughing pretty hard at my diligent effort to lessen their work load.  :)  Thankfully, I've come a long way in the mowing area...and the decorating area for that matter considering lipstick was my (and my accomplice's) first choice of wall paint as a child...but that's another story...

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