Island Get-a-way...ish

We haven't exactly spent a lot of time at home so far this month and I fear that our lives will continue to remain busy.  But, it's better than being bored, right?  That being said, on to the next project that may or may not get done within the next month depending on where life takes us.  In other words, it might be a two-month project, but it will get done. 
A few months ago Anthony and I were in Habitat for Humanity's ReStore looking around for painting tools for a service project when I spotted these four posts that I knew would make great posts for a four-post canopy bed in our room. 
They're not exactly the shape I had in mind but since they won't really be seen once the curtains are hung and for the $2.00 price tag, they're perfect!  Of course they'll also need to be stained - my first time staining - so that'll make them look even better.
I've had this idea in my brain for some time now and have really wanted to fill the space we have in our bedroom a little more.  We have great high ceilings and I feel like there's a lot of unused space up there - in comes the canopy.  We already have a four-post bed but the posts aren't high enough to construct a canopy without knocking yourself over the head before bedtime.

Our budget for this canopy project - less than $25.  My plan is to use our existing sheer window curtains to create the breezy canopy and then make roman shades to take a place over the windows.  I also have a "headboard" makeover of sorts in mind, but that will come later. 

See you on the island!    

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