All In A Day's Work

I woke up this morning and started getting ready to go see Jesus when my husband (who had already left the house) informed me via text message that he had our only set of car keys in his pocket.  So, my plans for the day changed and without a car to run errands and being stuck in the house, of course I zero-ed in on a small project I could get done in a day.  :)

Yesterday, a few of my pals and I went on a see-what-we-can-find-for-cheap shopping spree to a local treasure of a discount store.  We all walked out with a bag or two in hand and me, well I walked out with a bag and a side table...a Target side table I found for 5 beans that is.  The top was a little knocked-up but nothing a good coat of paint couldn't hide.

So after scrubbing and sanding down the top, I applied not one...

...but two coats of primer to make sure my paint stuck and also because I wanted my table a cream color instead of the black it was.

So, after about an hour of painting coats with drying time in-between, this is what evolved:

Since it's going in our living room, I wanted it to match the hutch I painted that sits on the opposite side of the room so I used the same paint - Cream In My Coffee by Valspar.

Then, just as I did to the hutch, I distressed my little three-legged find by using a fine-grained piece of sand paper and lightly sanding each edge just so that a little of the underlying black would come through.

Cost - five buckaroos, some paint and primer I already had, and an hour of my time.  It's all in a day's work for this Bean!

.          .          .

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  1. but i love checking it everyday!!!! :)

  2. :) you are my number one rock!

  3. thats how i like it :) love you!! looking at your caprese makes my mouth water!!! i am so proud of you bean!! who'da thought you coulda went from making concoctions while doing the dishes (remember that!?!? mixing everything we could find together?!) to making gourmet meals!!! lol LOVE IT!!!

  4. it's funny you say that b/c it's really anthony making the gourmet meals...i just take all the credit