Hi!  I'm Sheena, far left and the writer around here.  I just left the twenties behind for the thirties and have a passion for DIY, decorating, fashion, and music and my brain
                                                      running...seriously, catch it if you can.
You can get to know me on a deeper level here.  Anthony is my main man and he runs the drills and saws, shares my passion for DIY, and is so darn good at turning our ideas into real-life nouns.  We were blessed with twin girls, Seraphia and Cecilia, in July 2012 and our lives were forever changed. How?  Well, we traded sleep, showers, and time for hearts that seem at times to almost pound out of our chests with love for these two.  We’re totally biased but they are the most adorable girls our eyes have ever beheld.  Adding to the crazy wonderful around here is a crazy little man, Sebastian, born in January 2014.  In case you didn't do the math, that was three kids within one and a half years.  But we didn't stop there.  Along came Gianna Clare in June 2016.  Yep, our hands are full but so are our hearts (so cliche, I know, but #truth).  Let's face it, we'll never be lonely...or bored for that matter.

Speaking of...
Bean in Love was born late one night while Anthony was deep into studying for his masters' and I was, well, just
(insert crickets)
So, in an attempt to entertain myself and ensure productivity for ages to come, I started this here blog...and the rest is history.
Anthony is a full-time youth minister slash part-time teacher and I'm blessed to be able to stay home with the kids (all day, err day) but we don't live in this lovely arrangement without some sacrifices...specifically those of the monetary variety.  As much as I'd love to be prancing around the casa in designer jeans and J. Crew's lastest and best, and said casa to be littered with Pottery Barn and Anthro, that just ain't the reality.  
It's totally cool though because I'm always up for a challenge and that of a tight budget keeps my mind and creativity well-oiled.  So clearance racks and secondhand are faves around here as are spray paint and sewing.
In short, it's more than just boredom that brought me here.  It's the desire to inspire.  I'm out to prove that you can have a trendy wardrobe and a cute little house to wear it all in while saving money.  Heck, even your kids can look cute.  And speaking of kids, since most of my days are spent homebound (because four kids under six is a challenge in the home much less out), blogging affords me my sanity and helps me feel like I can contribute more to the world. I'm sure that as time goes on and the blog gets older, new reasons will emerge and some change, but right now I truly enjoy keeping this 'virtual journal' or sorts and even if no one is reading, I'll be right here typing about how I spray painted my shoes...
                                               or something like that.  :)   

So then...
I, Sheena, had two nicknames growing up - Banana which was short for Banana-wana-ding-dong and Bean, short for Bean-bop.  As I got older, Bean stuck and it stuck good.  Fast forward to shortly after we started dating in college at Franciscan U, Anthony’s household (think a more spiritual fraternity) brothers pinned him as Bean, not knowing that it too was my alter alias.  
Well, we tied the knot one freezing winter’s day and the two beans became “The Bean Team”, coined by the man of the relationship himself.  It’s cheesy, we know, but we’re going to run with it anyway.  So, whether you’re talking about him or me, we’re both two beans in a pod/sprout/field/whatever you wanna call it, we’re happy ‘bean’ in love, and we’re just trying to walk the narrow way, sharing our adventures as we go.  
Come along with us as we DIY our way through life with our four miniatures, power tools, a sewing machine, and lots of paint.  We hope you enjoy reading and we’d love to hear your couple of cents too or see any projects you’ve made come to life!  You can contact us at beaninlove@gmail.com

See ya around!  :)


  1. What could be better than you and your little jumping beans. Glad I found you! The best to you and your family Mama Bean! Peace, happiness and craftiness to you all!!!