Our Next Project - the Kids Bathroom

A few years ago we tackled a Phase I makeover in the kids bathroom...and then we didn't touch the bathroom again. Not to mention the fact that we didn't actually get everything done that we wanted to in that phase.  Those plans are here.  We knew at the time that adding another sink to the vanity would happen someday but didn't have concrete plans (that would be an excellent pun if we were planning on concrete countertops in the bathroom like the ones we did in the kitchen...except we're not).  Fast forward to the now and our kids are bigger and double sinks would really, really help the morning routine go a little smoother so we've decided that there's no time like the present to get that ball rolling.

Here's basically what the bathroom looked like last week:

I stole this picture from a post I wrote three years ago and it hasn't changed one bit - except maybe adjust the shower curtain so it's less hanging correctly and toss countless hair accessories on the counter for good measure.

But things are really changing now, not quite yet for the better but changing nonetheless because it looks like this today: 

I sat down and made a master list of everything we want to accomplish in this room in the next couple of months and I'm gonna lay it all out here for ya so we can stare it down together.

The Ceiling

This was the one room in our house we weren't able to remove the popcorn ceilings from because they were painted over.  It was a huge bummer.  We contemplated just covering them up with tongue and groove or panels of something but in the end, we decided smooth is the way to go so they match the rest of the ceilings in the house and because it's the cheapest option.  Several months ago, the popcorn above the shower started cracking and then peeling off because of the humidity that comes with the hot, hot showers our kids like to take.  So I started scraping underneath and got pretty far before it wouldn't come off anymore.  

For a little while though, we got excited that maybe they would come off after all but we were wrong.  We continued scraping them just to get the bigger chunks of texture off and we'll skim coat them soon.  Once the ceiling is smooth and painted, we'll replace the light fixture (the diy fixture served it's time well) and happy dance that we're finally rid of popcorn ceilings for good.

The Shower
The walls in this bathroom need all the protection they can get from those hot showers I mentioned a little bit ago so we're going to remove the old tile in the shower/bath combo and replace it, going all the way up to the ceiling.  We don't need the safety bars so it'll be nice to get rid of those too.  New hardware and we'll be in business though I'm not too excited about all of us needing to use the one other shower we have whilst this one is out of commission.  #spoiled

The Vanity
This is a big one.  First, we need to remove the existing countertop and rework the plumbing so that we can install two sinks.  Then, our plan is to find a slab of quartz or marble and cut it ourselves.  Two new sinks + faucets and that part will be complete.  The vanity itself is still in great working order; prime custom cabinetry from the 80's.  It's solid wood but the paint on it has been chipping since day one so we'd love to strip it down to the wood, maybe stain, maybe just seal, maybe try on the fluted moulding trend, add a toe kick, and line the drawers for a little surprise.

I trimmed out the big 'ole mirror a few years ago and it hasn't had a single issue but maybe we'll swap that trim out for something more substantial or just add to it.

The Floors
We love these floors.  The color and shape are still relevant and even though there are a couple of cracked tiles (they are under the rug when it's there), we're going to hang onto it.  I found some grout stain at ReStore a few weeks ago that I plan on using on them to freshen up the grout in places that it's stained over the years.

While we're on the floors, we'll also take a minute or 30 to swap out the old toilet for a new one (the current one is almost six inches shorter than standard toilets made these days).

The Closet
This is one of the areas we meant to get to years ago, but I guess that since it's behind a closed door, it's one of those out-of-sight-out-of-mind things.  We scraped the popcorn off the ceiling in here when we did the rest of the house, painted, and then didn't touch anything else.  The walls, trim, and shelves need paint and the back of the closet will sport some fun wallpaper when we're done.

Oh and that hole in the drywall to the right?  A hook used to hang there...until it didn't.  Apparently one of the kids had a fight with their towel coming off and the whole shebang came down.  

After we buzz through that whole list, the doors will still need to be painted and the trim and walls will probably need to be touched up but, hey, we'll have two sinks for four kids to share and that will be a luxury.

Now, you'll have to excuse me because the baby is napping and I've got a ceiling to work on...

Stay tuned.


  1. Your plans sound great! Huge to have two sinks for the kids :) and I love your tile floor!

  2. That sounds so nice! I don't know how much ventilation that bathroom gets, but in our *SMALL* (think the size of a normal closet) bathroom, we actually tiled the ceiling over the shower when we redid it - it's worked well, is easy to wipe down, and most importantly, is waterproof/mold proof in a bathroom that doesn't get a lot of ventilation. That may not be an issue in your bathroom, but the hot showers part of your post reminded me of it. It sounds beautiful - good luck with it!