Guest Room + Home Office Combo

We've only ever lived in three bedroom houses.  Our first house was a 3/1 (with a fourth bedroom and second bathroom finished shortly before we sold and moved), along with our second, third, and fourth houses.  It's great when you're newlyweds because then you have two extra bedrooms (we had a guest room and an office...spoiled) but with four kids, three bedrooms fill up quick with no space left for anything else.

So, we were excited this house around to find something with another bedroom.  The fourth bedroom in this house affords us a guest bedroom, which is fantastic since the closest family members we have live seven hours away.  But, with the right situating and set up, it also affords us a home office - something I really wanted so that I could have a designated place to sew.

We got really lucky in finding furniture secondhand for this room - furniture that is multi-functional so that we can fairly easily switch from home office mode to guest bedroom mode.

Home Office Mode

We recently found this table that transforms into a cabinet likity-split.  You'll see how below when you get to guest room mode.  But it's perfect for us - when no guests are here, it's always pulled out and is a designated sewing table, perfect for making pillow covers.  It pulls out to be 10 feet long (!!!!) but I usually am happy with it at around six.

The leaves are stored inside the cabinet underneath.

The daybed and trundle set were Facebook a marketplace find.  We bought a couple of these mattresses (they're the same we bought for the kids two years ago and are very happy we own SIX of them) and painted the wood frame white.  I'd still like to build a removable wood front or maybe just sew up a simple sort of bed skirt to cover up the trundle underneath.  

I found the bed and the cabinets (both secondhand) alongside it within a few weeks of each other.  They happened to all fit (quite snug) along that back wall of the room.  The cabinets are vintage, super solid, and made with real wood.  I originally thought I'd paint them but the fronts have decorative burl wood and I kind of feel bad even thinking about painting over that.  So, we'll see.     

Inside the left are our printer, printing supplies, office supplies, a few files for bills, and some other random things.  Inside the right is all of my fabric, zippers, and pillow covers.  (Here's my Etsy shop --> Bean In Love Studio.)  

Guest Room Mode

The very awesome thing about the daybed + trundle that we found is that, not only does the trundle pull out from underneath, but it also can be raised up to the same height as the daybed to make one big (almost) king!  (Here's a similar trundle).  We connect the two mattresses with this contraption* to hold them together and I outfit them with a set of these sheets* (so soft!).  We also bought a pair of twin, three inch, memory foam toppers (similar) to make that big bed even more cozy.   

So far, we've only had great sleeping reports from guests.  💤

Here are some similar expandable beds:
Gray bed with storage*
White bed with extra trundle*

When the bed is pulled out all the way, our cabinet/table works the best on the opposite wall.

You would never know it transforms into a table, would you?!  These cabinet-table (and even desk!) combos were made in the 1940's and 50's by Saginaw Furniture Co. and called the Expand-O-Matic.  How awesome is that?  I had no clue something like this existed until I found ours on Facebook Marketplace (I paid $120).  But since then, I've found several sold around the states - eBay (love this lighter wood version!), eBay, and Purspyk. You can also find similar tables new but they're pretty pricey - Lowe's, Hammacher Schlemmer, and Amazon* (a desk version).  But, if you consider the dual function, maybe it's worth the $$$ for a small space that needs flexible furniture?  Technically you're getting two pieces of functional furniture so if you look at it that way and break down the price accordingly, it doesn't seem quite as bad.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

The Expand-O-Matic has a wooden track system underneath the table part that allows it to expand.  All you have to do is pull and the front of the cabinet slides right out. 

 Add as many leaves as you want to make it as long as you want and, wa-la!  A table!

The leaves are stored underneath on the left and I store my machines and supplies on the right.  

It's really the perfect set up for us!  I was so hesitant to buy the table when I first spotted it on Facebook but I'm so glad I did.  I was using a drop-leaf table before and it was great too but not quite as sturdy as this when my sewing machine was whizzing away.

As far as whether the cabinet will stay the same color, that's up in the air.  The top will never get painted because it's bound to get scratched with all of the cutting that I do (it's MDF covered in a thick laminte that still looks brand new because it doesn't scratch!) but me thinks a dark green would be a fun way to spice up the bottom.  Stay tuned.  ;)

What else do I need to make this office/guestroom even more functional?  Do you have a room that serves multiple purposes in your house?  Tell me about it!

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  1. I love those tall cabinets! That burl wood is so beautiful. That Expand-o-Matic cabinet is very clever. What a great solution!

    Do you have an ironing board in here? Maybe a wall mounted one would make sewing easier so you wouldn’t have to leave the room to press your seams? I sew a little and honestly, having to haul out the ironing board and all is why I don’t sew more.

    My mom has an ironing board cabinet which is set into the wall between the studs. The ironing board folds down and there is metal shelf for the iron with an outlet in there and everything. They do make those ones you can hang on the back of a door, though.

    If it’s possible, I would add some kind of reading light accessible from the bed. Maybe wall mounted sconces? It’s really nice to have a light you can turn off and on from bed, especially in a less familiar guest bedroom situation. A reading light would be nice to have in daybed mode as well, someone could curl up and read in there while you whirr away.

    1. I don't have an ironing board but I don't need it that often just sewing pillow covers. If I had to use it more often, one of those between-the-studs ones sounds awesome! I'll have to file that away for later just in case! Yes to the reading lights! I actually have a couple of sconces that I hung in our rental but I feel like they stick out a little too much here so I've been on the hunt for a few months for some that sit closer to the wall with no luck with my small budget. We definitely need some over-the-bed lighting for guests though, you're right!!

  2. What a beautiful multifunctional room! Love the go go gadget table!

    1. Go go Gadget table!! Yes Emma! It's getting renamed! :D

  3. That table is so cool! What a genius idea...I'm surprised more things like that here don't exist, although I know they do in places like Japan where square footage is at a much higher price so dwellings are smaller.

    1. I would love to know all the Japanese tricks!! I bet they have some genius stuff!

  4. This is the home office/guest room combo that my dreams are made of!