Room Reveal - Playroom to Bedroom

I'm so behind here on the blog!  Three weeks ago we wrapped up another #letsroomtogether - a bedroom.  I mentioned in my last post that we were going to tackle Sebastian and Gianna's new room but at the point that I had written that, I had only just begun moving furniture around so we could paint.  And then we did and I posted some updates on Instagram (because it's just a little more convenient...I hate it) and Christmas came and yadda yadda and well, here we are, two weeks into another #letsroomtogether when I haven't even gotten to write about the one we left!  I'm knee deep into the office / guestroom at the moment but I'm going to back up because I've got a finished room on my hands and I hope you are here for it.  👊  It's cute, real cute.  ;)

 And so far, S & G are *still* loving it.  We thought maybe they'd miss the girls but as it turns out, they're together 24/7 anyway so just sleeping one wall over isn't really a big deal.

This room looked like this (a bad realtor photo) when we moved in (I know, you've seen it already but I just love pulling out the befores 35757 times...):

And since we decided that we were going to bunk the kids all in one room like we had done in our previous house, this smaller room got dubbed "the playroom" and all of the kids' toys just got tossed in on whatever wall they fit.  We scraped the oh-so-dingy popcorn ceilings and painted them but other than that, there was no fresh wall paint (though the previous owner had had it painted right before listing the house), no new light fixture, no decorating, no nothing.

As a plain old playroom, it worked great but with the girls getting older and maybe needing a bit more privacy (and extended bedtimes), we decided to turn this room into one for the youngest two. Eventually, Gianna will probably move back in with the girls and this will be, once again, transformed for Sebastian but for now, it's a good gender-neutral space that a four and newly minted seven year old are really loving.

The only things I bought recently for this room were a couple of cans of paint, curtains*, and the curtain rod*.  I bought the pendant* and the paper lantern (similar* plus some yellow paint) months ago (and months apart...ha!) for super cheap thinking maybe I could find a spot for them and ta-da!  Everything else stayed or got moved in from another room.

The two small dressers (nightstands?) I found on a local Facebook resale group but they did not look like this when I bought them.  

Do you smell a furniture makeover post?  Good.  That means your nose is working.  ;)

We went back and forth with where to put them in here and where to put the bunks.  At first, we had the dresser where it is under the window but with the bunk beds right next to it.  I liked the idea of it serving as a nightstand right next to the beds but when it was there in real life, that whole wall just looked too packed full of stuff.  So, we moved the bunks to the opposite wall and sank the play kitchen on the wall with it in that little corner.  When I first started brainstorming this room, I really wanted to put the bunks in the middle of the wall flanked by a dresser on each side but, after a quick measurement, the wall is two inches (!!!!!) narrower than the three of those side-by-side.  I'm sure there are more ways to arrange things and as the kids get older, we'll get rid of more toys and create more room but for now, it's working quite well.  I'm always up for a game of musical furniture though so nothing is ever know that.  ;) 

That painting on the wall above the dresser is one a friend painted several years ago and gave me before she moved.  I love it and it's so relevant for the times.

The quilts are both Dirt Cheap finds but they are this one* (green) and this one* (yellow) and they're awesome.  We've had them both for several months and they wash really well and are great for all seasons.  I thought about grabbing this one* for Gianna because I feel like it's a little more muted and would jive better with the other yellows in the room but it seemed too trivial to bite the bullet.  Besides, she's got a really BRIGHT personality so it just kind of fits.     

In the coming months (during all of my free time...HA!), I'd love to whip up some padded headboards to retrofit to their beds for reading comfort and add a few more fun pillows (that is my thing, you know!) but for now, they're bunking up just fine without moms added touches.    

The framed print on the wall by the bunks is actually a framed fabric remnant pinned inside a thrifted frame.  The bunks are these*, another Dirt Cheap find, and I was really, really, really tempted to paint them a muted mustard yellow for this whole makeover but time slipped away and I couldn't make it a priority without slipping somewhere else.  It'd be cute though, right?  Maybe later...

The baskets under the bed and the rug are from Old Time Pottery.  (baskets - similar* // similar* / rug - similar // similar*)  The baskets hold current pj's and play clothes - whichever is not being worn is put there for the next day/night.  The rug is several years old (I think I bought it for Sebastian's room when he was a wee babe) but I still love it as much as I did the day I found it on sale for $35.  Whoop!  

I'm going to write whole posts about the color-blocked wall, hand-painted curtains, and the dressers so keep your eyes peeled for those!  Budget-wise, I stayed right around that $100 mark I so love.  :)  

My favorite part of the room is this drawing of a tractor my dad drew when he was a little older than Seb:

My grandparents gave it to me awhile ago and I've had it in safe-keeping for exactly this purpose - I wanted to frame it and hang it in Sebastian's room.  My dad passed away when I was 21 so things like this are invaluable and so meaningful and I love that, even though Sebastian didn't know his Grandpa, he can still have a small piece of him.  💗 

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