A Shady Ordeal

I recently played musical lamps and moved the big lamps from our living room (one was currently living on the piano) into our bedroom.  (I thrifted them years ago and we've had them in each living room ever since.  One year, I even painted them!)  We've had mismatched lamps in our bedroom for a good long while now and I just got to the end of my tolerance with it.  In the past few months we've acquired new (to us) curtains, a new rug, new pillows, and a new quilt and if you're anything like me, you'll understand that you can't make everything else look good and not remedy the lamp situation.  It'd be a travesty.  ;)

So, lamps?  Moved.  Great except they had these massive shades on them that didn't look so bad in a living room but in a bedroom on a side table?  They were just too big.  The hunt was on to find some smaller shades.  But, it wasn't an easy one and only took me oh, a couple of months.  Sure, I could've gone to the nearest retail store and grabbed a pair for whatever price they were but that's just not how I roll.  I kept my eyes peeled at Dirt Cheap forever but two of the same just never turned up.   

Within those couple of months, I also went to TJ Maxx, Walmart, World Market, Target, Home Depot, Lowe's, Marshall's, and Home Goods but the store with the best prices and a selection that blows the rest out of the water?  At Home.  (Pssst...this post is not sponsored by them.  They don't even know I'm writing it.)

I went out to ours last week and came home with three different shades because I couldn't decide in-store which would look best.  (Thankfully, they have a good return policy so I'll be able to return the ones I decide against.)  If I were smarter, I'd have just brought one of my lamps into the store with me.

I always seek out clearance first and at At Home, much of their clearance is mixed in with their original priced stuff.  Such was the case for the first shade I found.  It was the perfect size and color and it was 50% off at $8.99...but there was only one.  *womp womp*  I cried for a little bit and then put myself back together to keep looking.  Looking, looking, grab a couple of other shades, more looking.  Wait, what is that shade up there with the clearance sticker on it THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE CLEARANCED SHADE I JUST WALKED AWAY FROM TWO AISLES AGO?!  Could it be????  It's on the tippity top shelf and I don't see any store employees around so I'll just run to the stool aisle quick and grab one of those so I can reach.  If anyone touches either of these shades while I'm gone, I will...they will...well, hurry Sheena.  RUN!  *grabs stool, uses stool, runs to put the stool back, runs to grab the first shade annnnnnd...YES!  THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME!  Dear Jesus, you love me.

I checked out with my plethora of shades and headed home to try them all on.  

Shade #1

Shade #2

Shade #3

drum shade - #1    //    tapered empire shade - #2    //    slim tapered shade - #3

Which one would you choose?  Which one do you think I chose?  (I'll give you a hint...it doesn't have the plastic packaging on it because I took it off pre picture taking.)

I was a tough decision and really, I think I actually liked the slim tapered shades a little bitty bit better but the price of the drums made the decision for me.  They were the two clearanced shades.   I saved a whole $6.  Haha!  A penny saved is a penny earned, right?  

I'm not with it enough to redecorate based on weather seasons but our room feels very "fall-ish" right now.  It's mostly due to the dark velvet curtains I hung when I had to steal the white ones that were in here to hang in the living room.  We needed some in here for privacy and a quick Facebook marketplace search turned up these velvet beauties.  I got four panels for $20!  They're these curtains* in the 96" length and they are awesome.  They're soft and heavy and I would totally recommend them if you want to add some warmth and luxe to some windows.  We have them hanging with clips* from these curtain rods*.  The pillow covers are made by me (find them in my shop!), the headboard DIY tutorial is here, and the mirrors are a recent Dirt Cheap find (originally from Target*).  I bought them for our master bathroom but they can sit here until we get started on that (cough cough notanytimesoon cough).  The sheets are these* and the quilt set was a flash sale deal I got from here (we bought a king-size for our queen bed).  I've got plans up my sleeve for this room but right now I've reigned them in so I can focus on the living room.  It's the #letsroomtogether challenge!

Anywho, let's swing back to the lamp shades.  If you've been on the hunt for some without luck, cross your fingers that you've got an At Home near you!  They have one for everyone!

Happy weekend!

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  1. Your "dear Jesus, you love me" moment made me laugh. It's exactly how I feel when I find something...
    I liked the shades you picked best too. They kind of echo the straight lines of the mirrors behind them.

    1. Ooh, I didn't even take note of that! Thanks for pointing it out Hannah! I'll consider them a double win. :)