Quick Bathroom Update

 We have...


Besides the wallpaper gone and paint on the walls, the biggest difference is in lighting.  

Did you ever know light bulbs could make such a difference in the look of a room?!  It's crazy!  The bulbs the fixtures were sporting before cast an yellow-orange glow but we upgraded to  LED, 3000K bulbs*, bringing a more neutral light in, and the change was instantaneous...aided of course with fresh paint.  ;)  (I'd love to someday write a whole post about light bulbs and their color differences because it opened up a whole new world for me a few years ago BUT, until then - the lower the Kelvin (K) value, the warmer the light; the higher the K value, the more cool it is.  The farther you go under 2500K, the more yellow and orange the light gets.  Anything above 4000K gets more blue as you go up.)  It's all a matter of personal preference in which hue you prefer to live under, but our go-to is anything in the 3000K range.  2700K is a softer white that we have in our lamps around the house, in closets (these* are our favorite light bulbs), and in ceiling fans.  We've got 3000K (which really isn't too much different side-by-side than 2700K) in our dimmable fixtures* in the living room and in the kitchen.  

Here's a side-by-side comparison of those old very, very warm bulbs vs. our new 3000Ks:

The only downside is that those nice tans those old lights gave us completely disappeared in a quick few untwists and twists.  ;)

+                                        +                                        +

Since writing this post, I've been busy hanging and laying a few things in here so the reveal isn't too far away!  Stay tuned!

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