DIY Pot Rack from Towel Bars

You say pot, I say rack…



YES!  That’s it!  Let’s get excited over here!  We are the proud owners of a neeeewwww pot rack!

Having a pot rack hanging on our kitchen wall wasn’t something either of us has ever desired.  But then enter small kitchen, very little lower cabinet space and oh, looky here, a big empty wall.emptywall

Function is the name of the game in this house.  I can’t show you the whole wall at the moment because I just finished painting the lower cabinets (huzzah!) and I’m keeping the color from you until the final reveal.  So.  Sorry.    Suspense for the win.

The very great thing about this pot rack is that it only cost us $10.  I had been searching the web for pot racks and was wavering between a couple of these guys* on Amazon or grabbing a couple of these pretty curtain rods* plus some brass hooks* and making one that way but then it dawned on me while I was helping someone little with bathroom duty that both of our bathrooms have currently unused towel rods over the toilet.potrack
This one is hard to see amidst the flora and fauna backdrop but it’s there.  I’m not a fan of towel rods over the toilet for germ reasons (third paragraph) and even though they were a tad shorter than I was thinking of going down the pot rack route, they rang in at zero cash owed.  Plus, I like how simple-looking they are.  I almost spray painted them gold but I knew that with metal hooks, they’d inevitably get scratched up.  One point for going the common sense route, eh?

So, one night post-kids-bedtime, Anthony and I hung them and got our pans off of the kitchen counter.  We hung them centered between the doorway to the laundry room and the edge of the cabinet.  As luck would have it, the left sides of the racks landed right on a stud so they were an easy install but for the right sides, we used four of these drywall plugs to make sure the racks weren’t going anywhere with the good amount of weight they were going to carry.
We also hung it slightly higher than we would have if we didn’t have an almost two-year old who wouldn’t stop at just touching the pots but going all monkey on the bars. 


I bought these stainless steel hooks* to do all the heavy lifting and I’m very happy with them.  They seem very well made and they came in a super cool-looking box.  :)  That blue had me at hello and I almost decided right then and there that I should paint the lower cabinets that color…but then I didn’t.  ;)Snapseed
Of course things would look SO much cooler if we had those trending copper pots and pans.  But, new hooks is as good as it’s going to get on this wall.

In other news, I did grab a quart of paint for the lower cabinets from Sherwin Williams last weekend during their 40% off sale so our grand mini-reno total is now up to $87  including the paint ($18) and the new hooks + drywall plugs for the pot rack ($12).


Next up for the One Room Challenge, we’re focusing on the area over the sink – getting that trim back up, hanging a roman shade, and making a pendant light.  All of that is coming in at around $20 and I can’t wait to share it.


Will we even hit that $150 budget??  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You know what I’m about to type next, right?




If you want to read more about all things reno, check out the other guest participants links!  There are before-and-afters (or should I say durings) galore! 

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  1. Brilliant! I love a good budget saving hack-and super practical too! Best of luck with the last few weeks of ORC! Kristin @ Postbox Designs

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