Wall Gone

Last weekend, that there half-wallIMG_7717

was goingIMG_2931



It took Anthony a little over an hour to demo it and now we’ve got wide open spaces in the kids’ bathroom and it is glorious.  After he demoed, he took the very front piece of drywall of that used-to-be-half-wall and patched the wall with it…so smart, my man.  The wall itself wasn’t bad and maybe some people would prefer the sort of privacy it added between the vanity and the throne but we aren’t those people.  Taking it out gives the illusion that the room is a tad bigger and also puts those 80’s spindles back where they belong…well, kind of.  We’ve got super cool plans for those that we can’t wait to share!  Until then, we’re going to keep plugging away at this bathroom over the next month – we’ve got tile floors to lay, a wall to repair and patch, the mirror to replace (an unexpected bullet on the list after someone *ahemAnthonyahem* broke it while taking off the backsplash), and a concrete countertop to make.  It’s all exciting and we can’t wait to get it all done. 

Stay tuned.


  1. That opened up the room so much!! I'm really excited to see the counters. And, that shower curtain is 'da bomb.' Love a good stripe!

  2. It makes such a big difference—wonderful! I can't wait to see the final result. Also, we're thinking about adding tile in our entryway and possibly kitchen, so I'm reallllly looking forward to any posts about how you lay tile. :D