Wall to Pillow

Let’s see how I do at writing quick, short posts, shall we?

I’m just flying by today to commemorate some old pillow covers.  It’s out (and into the donate pile) with the old…

and in with the new!

Just over five years ago I wrote a post about those old covers; how I sewed them and then used a free stencil to paint a design on them.  I used latex paint leftover from painting the walls to paint the design, thinking I’d bring the exact wall color to the bed in the form of pillows.  I didn’t add any fabric medium or anything to the paint, just brushed it on straight from the can.  To this day, after being tossed in the washing machine a bajillion times, the paint hasnt peeled, cracked, or worn off one bit.

So, go grab yourself some plain pillow covers and grab that leftover paint you’ve got laying around!  There’s design to be had!


  1. Want to donate those to my home? I would pay the shipping :)

    1. Haha! Sure thing Blair! Email me at beaninlove@gmail.com and we'll get them to you!

  2. This is sort-of a random question, but what pillow inserts do you use and recommend? I have a few pillow covers around the house but have had the WORST luck finding plump inserts.

    1. I've fallen in love with down pillows since I've started making covers! I've found them thrifting (washed), on clearance inside ugly pillow covers, and from second-hand sale sites! Otherwise, wawak.com has really awesome down inserts for a pretty good price. Putting inserts that are slightly bigger than the cover you want on them works best too...you probably know that though. Good pillow covers are made an inch or so smaller than the pillow size they're made for. :)