Twin Frames

Last year at our church’s yard sale, I snatched up these two big, brown and tan frames…
IMG_2929…really I didn’t snatch them because they were left when the whole thing was over, lonely, and wanted by nobody.  Crazy since they’re so awesome, right?  I know, they’re so ugly and because of that, I paid only $3 a piece for them.  But, wait for it, wait for it…

Look who’s crying now!  All the people who passed them up, that’s who!


And I’ll tell you who else is crying…me.  I’m crying because I was in such a hurry to get them painted one day last week while Diego and baby Jaguar entertained the kids that I didn’t take progress pictures of that part of the makeover.  Sorry!  One of my biggest pet peaves is when a DIY blogger doesn’t post enough pictures of the process and here I am, making my peave real.  Way to go, Sheena.

I will tell you though that, after I gave them a good wash-down with a damp cloth, I took the glass and mat out, took them outside, and gave them a coat of my favorite spray primer* in white:
Then, since I didn’t have any white spray paint on hand, I brushed two coats of  latex paint from a sample jar I had on hand onto them.  I’ve been struggling with finding a white spray paint that is more of a creamy white lately so this was just perfect anyway.  I love their chunky edges all covered in white.

After painting the frames, it was onto the mats.  They were layered with three different pieces – the two bottom pieces were brown and tan and the top had an ivory, woven fabric laid over the top.  I loved the woven texture of the top mat but the color…not so much.  So, I tried to paint it gray.

First, I carefully peeled the top and middle layers apart from each other.  IMG_2940

Then, I took the two fabric-laden mats outside and gave them each a couple of light coats of this spray primer:IMG_2944I found it for $1.99 at Dirt Cheap and didn’t recognize the brand or know what exactly it should be used for (turns out it’s mainly used for metal), but it was gray and gray was what I wanted.  Paint is paint, right?  Maybe…

Well, it went on fine but it left the fabric looking a little, ummm, furry?  However, I think it was the fabric more than the paint that caused the furriness. IMG_2973
Brushing the mats with a small cleaning brush post-paint seemed to help a little though and I really wasn’t bothered by it not looking exactly like it did before, so I continued on after bedtime one night…

Originally, I had wanted to just cover up the old fabric with new fabric.  I had fabric leftover from this desk project:IMG_2930But sadly,  I didn’t have enough leftover to cover the mats seamlessly and thanks to a spending freeze last month, I couldn’t just go grab some.  But I loved the gray and white, hence my desire to turn the fabric to gray.

Anyway, I digress…

For the white, I grabbed the same sample jar of paint I had used to paint the frames and a painting sponge, laid the frames on an old sheet in the living room so I could watch Flea Market Flip while painting…
IMG_2979…and very imperfectly sponged on a cross-hatch design.

IMG_2980I’m talking very imperfectly.  No measuring here folks.  And really, to be honest, I was going for a herringbone pattern at first but messed up on the first dab of paint so cross-hatch was born.  First rule of DIY:  Always be open to improvising…or something like that. 

The next day, when all the paint was nice and dry, I used some plain ‘ole Elmer’s glue to reattach the top mat to the bottom two.
IMG_2981Oh but I shouldn’t forget to tell you that, when I spray primed the frames white, I also used the same primer to paint what could be seen of the two bottom mats.  No more tan and brown.  Just white.

Reattaching the frames with the glue was super easy except I did need to be careful to make sure the top one went on straight and that there was equal spacing all around the inside of the mat.IMG_2982
Last, I put everything back together and the frames back up where they were days before.

I think these might’ve just bumped themselves up to Favorite-Frames-in-the-Whole-House status.IMG_7691
And lucky Sebastian gets to have them in his room.

I also had plans to fill them with a few blown up pictures of Sebastian but, yep, there’s that spending freeze again.  Dang it.  Plan B was to whip up some watercolor art with stuff I already had but then the week ended and this week began and they’re still just hanging empty.  But it’s okay because the corner they’re in just got a little happier and time will fill them with something I’m sure.

On a side note, I pulled out that old, black and white poncho/blanket of Anthony’s from the window where it’s been hiding (he got it in Mexico while on a mission trip there in high school) and laid it over the chair and either it looks great or the brown slipcover just looked so blah that anything helps, but I kinda love it.

My favorite part is the fringe along the bottom.

The string lights hanging across the corner are another project that I can’t wait to finish (think unconventional lamp) but probably won’t finish for a bit (how I roll around here, if you’ve noticed) and here are the posts for some of the other things you can see when you peep into his room:
ceiling fan shade // greek key design on the window seat // stenciled curtains

It’s a happy little boy’s room that I’ve probably poured all of $50 into (if that) since he evicted the girls and it’s also the room that stays the cleanest in this house so I kind of love it.  All that and the fact that every afternoon the sun comes pouring into the window making it light and bright might make it my favorite room in the house.  :)


  1. LOVE these! You always have the best luck finding treasures! I don't know if it's just Northern Virginia or if I'm perpetually unlucky, but I never find such great pieces (unless they are grossly overpriced!) around here. I'm living vicariously through you, hah!

    1. It ebbs and flows here...sometimes I feel like there's absolutely nothing and sometimes there's so much I want to buy it all! Furniture is another story here though. There's a really large amount of people who redo/repaint/refurbish furniture here so you're never the first to get your hands on a good deal. That, when you're actually needing something and you can't afford to buy it new, is soooo frustrating.

  2. They look great. What about Rustoleum's Heirloom White?

    1. That's what I used on that glass coffee table I painted a few months back Lisa and I like it but I wish I could find something in between that and the bright white. What I really need to say is, I'm too picky. :) But, Heirloom White is a really pretty white either way.

  3. Wow! I wish I had your eye. I would pass by those frames a million times over but not you. I need to take a page from your book and seeing things for what they COULD be. I'm always so impressed by you! You rock it - and you're even preggo!

    1. Thanks so much Kristina!! I get it from my mama. :) And a lot of it I can blame on that nesting bug. all the things before the baby comes and do them quick!