Just Couldn’t Swing It

Remember back last year when I spray painted these swings for the girls?PicMonkey Collage 
As cool as the idea was and as gung-ho as my attempt was to make them more neutral for Sebastian’s sake and our backyard’s, it failed because these days they’re looking pretty darn sad:
IMG_1687Either that or somebody had a pink paint gun party in our backyard without me knowing.  I wouldn’t put it past the twins…

So, I’m just going to go ahead and say that Krylon’s plastic spray paint does NOT, in fact, work.  Or, maybe it does work but on top of a coat of primer (the can says priming is not needed on most pieces).

Unfortunately, we’ll never find out.  I think we’ll just end up power-washing the spray paint off and selling them so that we can maybe make a couple of these:HangingChair1 [Image and tutorial over at The Merrythought]

Although I think the fight to swing next might be between the parents and the kids vs. just the kids because they’re super cool, no?  Or maybe I can convince Anthony to make several and hang one in every room indoors?  Dream on Sheena.

I’m not sure how “high in the sky!” you could get in them though so maybe a couple of these would be better for adventurous toddlers?  Sebastian on the other hand fa-REAKS out if you push him greater than a twelve-inch span front to back, so lounging in a diy swing would be right up his alley.  Or he could just take up residence in this tire swing* we recently bought so that the girls could swing together.

Whatever way we end up swinging, I’ll be sure to give an update.  We still have a couple of months of great outdoor weather down here so time is on our side.  :)

.           .           .

*affiliate link to product we purchased 


  1. I don't meant to sound condescending or anything, but there is another possibility. You could power wash the paint off the pink swings, and then keep them. Your boy won't care about the color until he's too old to use the swing anyway. Or, if you teach him that it's okay to use pink things, even if he's a boy, he might never care at all. Pink is just a color. It doesn't make you any less or more of a boy or girl if something you own is pink. Just my two cents. Not everybody sees it that way I guess. Personally, I like the look of the white better than the pink. Too bad they don't come that way huh?

    1. Hey Naomi! I agree with you! He wouldn't care at all and really, I don't either. Pink is just a color, you're right. Anthony wears pink dress shirts to work and sometimes I feed Sebastian out of the girls pink bowls just because that's all we've got! Haha! With the swing though, I think my innate desire to make something for him is the motivation behind getting rid of the swings. I like the look of the fabric swings better and they'd make our backyard look 'cooler'. It's not about not wanting to put my son in a pink swing because Lord knows he's already been in them. :)