I’m Covered

Last week the newest issue of Mobile Bay magazine hit the stands and golly gee whiz…

IMG_0914 [Image via Mobile Bay mag’s Instagram and photography by Jenny Tewell]

I made the cover!  It is SO COOL!  I’m really so excited and really honored and even humbled to see myself on it!  But, let’s be honest, every single one of you who read these words I write on this here blog deserves to be on that front cover with me because, as much as I tell myself to “blog like no one’s reading”, I highly doubt that if I didn’t have such great readers, I’d carve blogging time into my already crazy weeks.  So, really and truly, you guys are awesome!

If you want to read the article Chelsea wrote inside this month’s issue, click here.  It was fun being interviewed and Chelsea made the process so easy and calm.  Even though, the first thing she did when she got here was show me a mock-up of what the front cover might look like.  I had no clue they were even thinking about putting me on the cover so after seeing that, I think I was in excited shock for the whole interview.  So, the fact that I could even answer questions coherently after that was all luck.  ‘';)  A week after the interview, a couple of people from the magazine and a photographer came to our house to snap the pictures.  I made sure Anthony would be home for it because there was no way any pictures would be shot without blurry toddler bombs in them lest he was here to keep those toddlers corralled.  He graciously took all the kids into the girls’ room while the ladies and I moved around furniture, rugs, and picture frames….and then after an hour passed and the kids had all but demolished their room, he swept them out of the house and into the van for a little excursion. 

Anyway, like I said above, the whole thing happened because I have such great readers who keep me doing and documenting so THANK YOU all for being so great!  Virtual hugs all around!


  1. You rocked it, Sheena! You and Chelsea (Wolf) had everyone in a DIY frenzy for weeks. :) Can't wait to see what else you've got. :) --Chelsea

  2. Oh that's so exciting! Congratulations!!

  3. Fabulous and well deserved. Congratulations!

  4. Loved the write-up and reconnecting with the Tobins. Miss you all!