Thank God It’s Finished.

I’ve been tossing out hints on what our latest project is and now that it’s done, I just can’t not share it! 

Folks, we rid ourselves of the obnoxious florescent tube light in the kitchen and with $35, built a whole new fixture.

I can’t wait to give you all the details with full tutorials on how we made (and how you can totally make) the shade from scratch and repurposed a garage sale chandelier!  Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until next week because I’m off to the pool in twenty.


.           .           .

Oh and ps, this happened.  Eeep!  Lots more details later!  :)


  1. A magazine cover?! Awesome!!!! Congrats!!!!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! It's still feels surreal but it was really cool to be able to be a part of it! :)


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