Last Supper

A long-ish time ago I hung a combo of frames on a big, bare wall in our kitchen and a long-ish time ago I really, really didn’t like how it turned out.

Exhibit A:
Not that bad, I guess, but definitely nothing to write home about, or blog about (even though I did).may262012004_thumb1
I thought it was a great idea to spray paint all the frames silver and haphazardly toss some art in them and call it a collage.

And so for a long-ish time I saw it everyday as I walked back and forth; to and from the kitchen and I didn’t like it each and every time. 

But not anymore!  Nope!  While Anthony was at the March for Life in DC a couple of weeks ago, I took the old down and started anew on a fresh slate.  It’s looking much better these days…
Yes?  You think so?  I hope so!

It all started with this picture of the Last Supper:
It’s an antique that my grandma gave me a couple of years ago.  It used to hang in the farmhouse my grandpa grew up in.  I love it.  :)  And it only took me a long-ish time to finally get it hung here!  The “take & eat” above it hearkens to Matthew 26:26 – While they were eating, Jesus took bread, said the blessing, broke it, and giving it to his disciples said, “Take and eat; this is my body.”

The rest of the collage is a conglomeration of thrifted frames (that were spray painted), DIY art,  these mirrors from Target (I found them for el cheapo at Dirt Cheap because one of the three was missing a piece of mirror), and a couple of little thrifted mirrors.  I’ll be back this week to give you alllll the deets on the DIYed stuff, don’t you worry.

Now, for fun, let’s take a few steps back and to the side and then a little into the past to see how far this little eating spot has come, shall we?

A picture I took on our second visit to see the house before we bought it:Random 480

After we moved in, painted, and hung a real light fixture:
kitchen1 (14)

This morning (Feb 2015):
  IMG_5789[Of course we don’t keep decor on the table…ever.  That was just for the sake of a pretty picture…as was the two high chairs plus the kid seat on the chair.]

I would say we’re done decorating/renovating/tweaking in here but the truth is, we’re not.  We’ve been tossing around the idea of blowing out part of the wall (not visible in the pictures) to the left to open the space up a little more to the living room and I’ve really been wanting to trade in our thrifted dining table and chairs for another (probably thrifted) set.  So, time will tell.

.           .           .

What have you been working on?  Hanging any pictures?  Dabbling in art?  Taxes?…speaking of, I’ve gotta get those done.  I’m always doing them at the last minute.  Well, whatever you’re up to, I hope you’re having a good Monday (or what’s left of it considering it’s probably nearing it’s end for you as it is me). 



  1. I like new look! Well done! That wall really needed bigger frames and turned out fab!:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love it!!! Is the "Take & Eat" a DIY one?!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Kathleen! It only took me over a year! :)

  4. Love love LOVE this wall! So cute!

  5. Can I ask how you made the window valances? I desperately need to do something similar in our house but I don't have a crafty bone in my body!!! Thanks! Carla.

    1. Yes! They were pretty simple! I wrote a whole tutorial on how we made them and my internet is being a pain so I'm not able to put a link here for you but if you go to the 'Projects & Ideas' page, you'll find the tutorial in the first set of links. If you don't sew (and maybe you do!) you can always make them with iron-on tape! Good luck!

  6. Liked it before and love it now. Is there more of a contrast between the wall and the frames in person?

    1. Ha! Thanks Lisa! I think there is more of a contrast and I think that's what my first collage was lacking.

      P.S. I have the nursery you did almost ready to be posted! Thanks again for letting me share it!

    2. I do see more of a contrast but it's just a bit harder to see with all of that wonderful natural light coming through the windows. Oh the nursery! How cool. Looking forward to it and thank YOU!

    3. It was so hard to get pictures because of that light! But, I LOVE that light! Our kitchen/dining room has the most light in the whole house and I wish all the other rooms had even a quarter of it!! :)

  7. I like it!
    I also like your curtains. So pretty! Do they make you happy every time you stop and admire them? I bet so.

    1. Ha! Welllll, they do except, being the chronic decorator that I am (it's a sickness), I've actually been wishing to switch them out for some new ones. Same idea; different fabric. I really do love them though!

    2. Switch them out? No! The horrors! I love that fabric. Then you must send it to me, lol!

  8. It looks great! Your whole dining area looks so fresh and cheerful. LOVE the Last Supper picture and the story behind it. : )