Leaky Tap

Hey all!  So sorry for the radio silence last week…even though I know the only one to notice was probably me.  Monday and Tuesday were busy spent with the kids before I jetted out to St. Louis on Wednesday to spend some time with my bestie, Megan, helping her plan her upcoming wedding.  I brought Sebastian along for the ride since he’s still nursing and, let me tell you, one baby is a breeze!  ;)  I mean, it would’ve been if clingy wasn’t his middle name but hey, I got a taste of what spontaneity felt like again and got to eat in an actual restaurant THREE times in THREE days!  Crazy.  And the fall:
photo (8) 
Take me back.  The only colored leaves we see down here in the south are in craft stores so I soaked up the scenery like Spongebob and made a resolution that a visit is necessary every fall from here on out.  On Friday, Grace was so kind to let me pop in and spend a couple of hours chatting while the happy couple had a meeting and it was the best couple of hours Sebastian had.  I’m positive he wouldn’t have even noticed if I had left because he took to them like a bee to flowers.  Grace (who is so awesome and sweet and downright gorgeous) and I have the same alma mater (Franciscan University), so I knew her from college but had never met the rest of her clan and let me tell you, they are the epitome of cute.  I don’t know if you read her blog but if you don’t, you should.  Lack of time has brought the unread posts count in my blog reader to an all-time high (168!), but you will never find a post from the Camp on that list.  She writes, I read, I read to Anthony, end of story. 

So anyway, I was hoping to get my act together and get some actual substance up as soon as the kids say “nap”, but until then all I have to share is our new faucet…so boring, I know. 

A couple of weeks ago I started noticing puddles forming around the base of the old faucet but just thought my sloppiness with getting water everywhere while washing dishes was getting bad.  Nope.  Turns out our faucet was leaking.  We didn’t want to rush into buying another before a good deal showed its face, so Anthony bought us some time by putting some plumbers’ putty around its joints and we just made sure to turn the water off under the sink at night.
photo 1 (11) 

Then last week, I came across this faucet on sale for $98 (marked down from $154) online at Home Depot.  Bought it, they sent it, Anthony installed it and…
photo 2 (11)
…just like that, we have running water running where it’s supposed to and only where it’s supposed to.  (I made sure to croppity-crop out the dirty dishes just for your viewing pleasure…insert over-dramatized wink.)  I love the high arch (our old one had zero arch) and how sleek it looks.  So, if you’re in the market for a new kitchen faucet, snatch this one up before the sale ends on 11/2!

And that’s all I’ve got today!  I seriously have, let me count, umm…seven finished projects waiting for a spot on the blog so there is content coming, I just have to find the time to write and it used to be after bedtime but Sebastian has thrown his out the window so just…well…stay tuned.  #socliche  #i know  ;)


  1. Super elegant faucet! I'm definitely getting faucet envy even though ours is still very functional and not *that* ugly.

    Also flying with babies! We're doing that at Christmas for the first time (she'll be 3 months-ish) and I'm already freaking out about it. Tips? Pick up a bottle of hard A at duty free and make liberal use of it? (I'm not even doing it solo so I'm probably totally overreacting, but the thought of a 4-ish hour flight followed by 2-ish hours in the car will probably give me nightmares before December rolls around. :) )

  2. Looks great! Sort of random, but I had a little plant in its ugly, black plastic container on our window sill above our faucet... never thought to put it in a coffee mug or anything, but saw these pics and was like DUH!! My kitchen is a little happier thanks to this post! And it's crazy the foliage in St. Louis west of the Mississippi vs. where I live just east in the cornfields of Illinois... there are like no trees here! I heard on the news that a lot of the leaves were blown away from the storms last night, but I'm still itching to get into the city to see some of that color!

  3. I'm having some serious faucet envy right now!