No-Sew Changing Liner

When it comes to changing diapers in this casa, we ran into a minor problemo after we added another kid to the mix.  That is, there’s only one changing table/pad to serve all diaper-wearing folk and it’s in the girls’ room so when the girls are sleeping it become inconvenient to change Sebastian. 

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Of course I could go find the diaper bag and pull out the diaper changing liner, bring it into our/his room where most of his diaper paraphernalia is anyway (aside from the few diapers in the girls’ room), and change him there, making sure to remember to put the liner back into the diaper bag for when we decide to venture out of the house.  However, the easiest thing to do would be to change Seb where most of his diapers are without having to have a small treasure hunt first and that happens to be on his co-sleeper.  But, and if you have boys or have ever changed a boy you know this, baby males have this thing not unlike a small, powerful fire hose attached to them that can release at any given time, dousing anything and everything around with pee.  It creates many an opportunity for patience...and more laundry.  Therefore, so that I could change Sebastian on his bed without having to worry about his bedding getting sprayed, I whipped up a quick and easy changing liner just for his space using some laminated fabric I found at Hobby Lobby.
 photo (2)

All I did was cut it to fit perfectly inside his co-sleeper and that’s it.  (When I first cut the liner, I had planned to hem the ends but realized there’d be no point since they didn’t fray at all, not even when I pulled on them.) 


It gets folded up and placed in the basket underneath his co-sleeper with his diapers and wipes when done, unless it needs to be wiped off quickly.  Quick and easy, perfect for any mom with more than zero kids because we all know quick and easy are key words in those kinds of households.  Of course it would also work to use on couches, floors, tables, the gross changing stations you find in public outhouses where it protects the surroundings from overspray and the babe from germs.  #winwin

The fabric itself is really lightweight so it can shift a little with little bare-footed kicking so to eliminate that you could glue or sew a heavier fabric to the back.  If I ever get a few thumb-twiddling moments of time in the future I might do that…read: I’ll never get around to that.  But, just sayin’. 


Speaking of diapering, there’s three wet ones waiting for me.  Sayonara!


  1. Love that fabric! I have a gift card from Christmas for Hobby Lobby, I just may have to sneak that in my cart. : )

  2. O yeah young males are LOADS of fun to change, this actually was a factor in our decision not to use cloth diapers for our twin boys after years of (6 kidz worth) using them! Good solution!

  3. Very smart. Thought you'd be interested in Katie's post today. It's right up your alley!

    1. Thanks for the Bower Power link Lisa! That thing is so cool (she says as she adds it to the to-do list...)! :)