Breakfast, Immodesty, and Water With an S

Welp, I'm currently parked on our sectional with my two little souls asleep and cuddled up next to me in a blanket and thinking there's no better time than the present to start telling the story of how they came into this world.  I think setting a goal of getting it all down in one foul swoop is a little unrealistic considering they eat, soil their diapers, and steal my attention and kisses at least every five minutes so it'll come in bits and pieces over the next few days...dare I say weeks?  We'll see how it goes.  I'll try not to create too many cliffhangers.  ;)

The story goes a little somethin' like this...
Twas the morning of July 9th, 2012, the very morning of the twins scheduled induction, and around 5:15 am.  We weren't supposed to be at the hospital until 6:30 but I really wanted to get up early and eat breakfast because I knew I was going to need all the energy in the world to push two kids out.  So, after a huge bowl of Lucky Charms and some strawberries, I threw on the only t-shirt that still semi-fit and some sweat pants, got Anthony to snap a 37 week photo, and off we went.  I couldn't tell you what exactly was running through my mind except for one thing, that at the end of that day my life would be drastically and forever changed.

Ten minutes later we had parked our car and made our way up to the labor and delivery floor where we where I checked in and was given one of those scandalous, open-back hospital gowns (hate them), and led to a small delivery room to change and hang out until my doc came to induce.  Most immodestly, I crawled into the most uncomfortable hospital bed I've been in in my life and tried as I might to watch the 12 inch TV screen mounted to the wall.  I couldn't even tell you what we watched but I can tell you I was thinking "this is turning back now...oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh...wonder when they'll break my water, I mean waters, or will they break on their own...wonder what I'll get to eat for dinner tonight...will the girls have lots of hair or be baldies...this bed is killing my back...please stop kicking me in the ribs Twin B.................." 

Around 7:30, I was IVed and pitocin started slowly making its way into my bloodstream.  My burgeoning belly was also strapped with no less than three thick straps of equipment, two monitors keeping track of both girls heartbeats and one tracking contractions.  Then my nurse asked me if I had had anything to eat that morning.   I happily replied "oh yes", only to hear "oh, you shouldn't have." Oops.  Sweetheart that she was, she assured me that it would probably be okay.  Ignorant (nobody told me!) that I was, I prayed those Lucky Charms would give me the lucky and leave the charms in my stomach.  So...shortly thereafter, my doc came in to break the lowest baby's sac (Seraphia as she is now known) and check my dilation - four centimeters before we really had even begun!  Somewhere in my mind I had convinced myself at that moment that since I was already four cm, getting to 10 was going to be pretty simple, not totally pain-free, but simple.  Wrong and right.

- And I interrupt to tell you I thought I'd get more of the story down but I've got two diapers to change as the babes have each been working on relieving themselves as I've been
writing...stay tuned. -

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