Triple Attack

In this house, on this Saturday, we've got three unfinished projects in motion.  One, ze master basroom:
It's painted but not all the'll see what I mean in a couple of weeks.  Also, a roman shade needs to be made and hung.

Two, ze teking-forever lofeseat:
Finally ready to be reupholstered - that's the batting alayin' on top!!!!  Hopefully we're working on that while you're reading this!

Sree, ze valances in ze kitchen/dining room:
Don't remember if this project has been formally introduced yet but we're concocting some valances to adorn our dining room windows.

So, next Saturday, you can expect at least one fully finished project unfolded in a blog post.  I do, however, have one other teeny, tiny project to show and it involves a sweet little bundle named Alex.  Alex just happens to be our one month old Godson.  He's getting baptized tomorrow and we are so excited!  As a reminder of our love for him, I souped up a wee-little onesie with a little paint brush and some red acrylic paint:
And, just for kicks (and to make sure his loyalties are set at a young age), I pulled out the white paint and branded a hoodie with his Godparent's fave team. 

So, if all that doesn't make a smorgasbord of a post, to top it all off, I recently revamped our "Our First Nest" page and ran across these two 'home tour' videos, taken right before we moved down south and courtesy of 'yours truly'.  Take it away Anthony!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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