Concrete Countertops

Well, for the second week in a row we've got no bathroom or loveseat progress to show so we're going to take a blast to the past.  A few years ago Anthony took his experience of working with concrete flooring to a new level - making concrete countertops.  He made a few outdoor kitchen countertops and also a few indoor kitchen countertops.  Unfortunately, we (I worked alongside as an apprentice) got so wrapped up in the entire, time-consuming process that we didn't take many pictures but we do have a few to share.  We're currently toying with the idea of bedecking our current bathroom and kitchen cabinets with new concrete tops so this post is actually very relevant at the moment.  We'll let you know if the idea becomes a reality in a few months...if we ever get our bathroom's mini-makeover or the curb-side loveseat finished.  :)  When and if we decide to take on that job, we'll getcha a post that's much more informative than this picturific, remember-when-we-did-this post.  :)  Anyway, onto the pictures.

Here's our garage-made-workshop, where we spent hours upon hours cutting, caulking, pouring, grinding, and sealing:

And here are the only finished tops we thought to take pictures of:

And, unfortunately, that's all we have this week.  Next week we'll be back after trying our darndest to make some major headway on either our bathroom or the loveseat so that we have an update for y'all.  Until then, have a great weekend!

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