Happy Saturday

Hey!  It's me!  I'm a bad blogger in that I'm not very regular with my posts but my excuse is that I'm buried underneath projects and babysitting.  :)  I've managed to accumulate more projects than I can handle at one time even though I'm determined to see them through (in between my full time job of babysitting - which I love)!  Of course you'll see all of those projects come to fruition here on Bean In Love!  I've got the love seat sitting half-way done in our living room (more on that later today...hopefully), a foot-of-the-bed bench project I'm starting after the love seat's done, roman shades to make, and a few thrift store finds to spruce up.  On top of that though, Vacation Bible School starts next week along with Trading Spaces - where we take 80 kids from our parish and revamp a wing of a local children's home.  This year we're repainting and redecorating 6 boys rooms and their rec room.  I'm having a blast helping because this year I'm the "interior designer" of sorts and I got to go pick out fabric for valances and pillows!  This past week I went out to one of my favorite discount stores and found lots of great deals on fabric!  All in all, I found all the fabric we needed (which added up to 18 yards) for around $90!  So before I make more headway on projects here at our house, my next week's energy will be completely shifted to making 13 valances, 17 pillows, and lots of other accessories!  Fun, fun, fun!  Of course I'll take before and after pictures and share them with y'all so stay tuned next weekend for those!
Anyways, I really need to get to work on those valances and I've already written more than I've meant to but I do have one more thing.  I've decided to start posting on Saturdays 1) to become more 'regular' and 2) because Saturdays have become the only days I have time to sit down and write.  :)  So, check back on your weekends!  I love blogging and I feel like I have so much to share that I wish I had more time to write but time isn't on my side right now, which is totally okay because I love being busy (a characteristic I inherited from all of my grandparents)!
Check back later today for an update on the "over-achiever" love seat!  As we speak she's standing on her own four legs right in front of me...heck, in a few weeks (fingers crossed), I'll be blogging as I sit on her! 

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