I Went On A Lampage - Part II

So you saw the lamps I found and I told the story of the green one turned white, but here's the story of the brass ones turned...green!  This is also the beginning of the story of the guest bedroom mini-makeover...just to keep things real.  :)

First, I taped, taped some more, covered the bulb sockets with plastic, and then primed.  A few nice and thin coats did the job.

Next came the green - Krylon's Ivy Leaf in a gloss finish.  After about five thin coats of green paint, I topped both lamps off with a couple of coats of glossy, clear acrylic spray paint (also by Krylon) for extra protection.
Before I show the afters, we must pan over to the shades.  I found two medium sized drum shades (Target brand) at a local discount store - one for $5 and one another day for $2.  On both shades, the tape holding the actual drum to the wire shade was coming off in places, hence why their present home had become a discount store, but it was an easy fix with a little fabric glue.  To add some more pizazz to the shades, I sought and found matching green ribbon to adorn them.  Again popping out the fabric glue, I glued one end of my cut ribbon to my shade (right over the shade's vertical seam), waited about 10 minutes, pulled the rest of the ribbon tightly around the shade, and then glued on the other end.  I "ribboned" both the top and bottom edges of the shade.
I glued the ribbon about a half-inch from the edge just out of personal preference, but aligning it right along the edge would also quite 'edgy', if you know what I mean.  :)

Total Investment:
2 Brass Lamps:  $6
2 Drum Shades:  $7
Green Ribbon: 50 cents
Fabric Glue:  already had
= $13.50 for two snazzy lamps perfect for our guestroom
Not bad considering this similar-looking lamp from Target will run you back $19.99 plus tax.  (I know, I'm really cheap.  Twenty bucks for a lamp is bordering expensive to me/us...)

           Lights on:                                                                                    Lights off:
Now that I've spilled the deets on my lampage, next up is the rest of the guestroom makeover starting with more pillows...I told you, I'm addicted to making them.  :) 

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