Restraining Order

Well, it's about time we spill the 'beans' about what's going on in our life...that thing that's causing me some serious self-restraint.  We're trying to sell our house.  With the buyer's market going on and a little financial blessing from the Lord Himself, we've found ourselves in a good position to buy a house in a neighborhood within walking distance of where Anthony works.  A year and a half ago, when we first moved here, we didn't even graze that area because of how over our price range it was.  But now we're trying to high-tail it on over there...only, with one problem.  Dun, dun, dun.  Yes, we have to sell our house first.  We were so spoiled with our first house - selling it within a couple weeks of putting it on the market - that now we're twiddling our thumbs and trying to sit patiently while it's future homeowner snatches it up.  Enter restraining order...I have no problem waiting around for it to sell but not being able to paint this, switch out this light fixture, make new valances for those killing me!  I NEED a project!  I already wrote about possible plans for the kitchen and now swirling in my head are plans to elegant-ize our master bath...both which need to be stomped on.  What's the point in putting more money into this house?  There isn't one...I have to tell myself that over, and over, and over.  
Well, now you know ahead of time why my 'look-what-project-i'm-taking-on' posts will be sparse (only to be up and running again once we find our new fixer-upper).  We're going for our biggest project in a house yet, now that we're ready again after exhausting ourselves with our first house.  1950's kitchens, wallpaper, and crumbling plaster, here we come!
We're super-excited to move!  Not only because then our insatiable appetite for demo and remodeling will be appeased but because of the budget benefits.  We'll save at least $50 a month in gas which will be incredible, not to mention that only having one car will become more of a cinch.  Anthony home for lunch will be a sweet change too!
Please say a prayer for us (especially asking for St. Joseph's intercession) that we may be able to sell this baby and say hello to a third nest!  I'll keep y'all updated!     

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  1. Have you heard about buying a St. Joseph's statue and burying it in the yard of the poperty that you want to sell. I know it sounds crazy - and I haven' tried it - but I have heard that it works. Something to think about or look into.