My Favorite Color is White

White spray paint is a staple item in our household.  Currently we are loaded up with satin and gloss sheens just in case a random spray-painting mood comes on.  My philosophy is that ANYTHING looks good spray painted white...Anthony agrees but always comes up with another color when I share my "this would look good white" idea.
Recently, I went to a great discount store (after seeing that they were having a '75% off clearance items' sale) and found these two vases for $2 each.
 I liked the colors, but I didn't like them together and they didn't match our decor.  So...
four dollars (plus tax), a little bit of white spray paint, and a sunny day later, this is what I created:
The spray paint (Krylon from Wal-Mart) stuck great to the glass without me having to use primer, although I did put on a couple of thin coats.
Much brighter and ready to add some light and style to our 'empty' fireplace ledge. 

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