Friday Smorgasboard

It’s been awhile since I’ve just sat down without a tutorial mission to accomplish so let’s just go with the TGIF flow and shoot the breeze today, yes?  I mean, maybe we are basking in unfinished projects territory over here so the only finished thing I have for you are snippets?  Yep, yep, and yep. 

First and foremost, have you been following the miracle of little Joy?  Oh the glory of God!

We spent the week after Christmas trying to nurse the kids back to health from the land of RSV and ear infections…so fun.  ‘Tis the season, I guess.  Easy isn’t a word that comes to mind when I think back on that week but I can tell you that a few things that made it easier are a humidifier and our NoseFrida.  My best friend got the girls this humidifier last year and, oh my gosh, can you love something like that?  Apparently you can because I’ve fallen hard.  I’ve used my fair share of humidifiers and this is by far the easiest to operate.  By far people.  You fill it up (and drop in some essential oils if that’s your jam), set the lid on, and let it go.  When you’re done, you dump it, wipe it out, and you’re golden.  And bonus, it lights up with all these mesmerizing colors.  I highly recommend.  (On the other hand, we bought this humidifier a few years ago and, while it does what it’s supposed to do, clean up is a pain in the rear.  Thumbs down.)  And the NoseFrida…I’ve told you about this before and how great it is.  Looks gross.  Works amazingly.  It’s a must-have.

I know we are way past fall but I’ve had Lauren’s leaf art idea on my list of thing to share with you for months now.  Grab an old book, a read newspaper, or a magazine article and leaf it hanging.  ;)  Put it on your to-make list for next fall!

In the market for a rug?  I was checking out options on Amazon a few weeks ago and stumbled across these colorful beauties.  $130 for an 8 x 10?  Not too shabby!  (A few of the colors have an additional $20 shipping charge but still, that’s not bad!)  They’re pretty bold so they’d be the star in a room.  I’m eyeing the pink for the girls room.  Usually I’d be skeptical on the quality at that price but the ratings are great!

I felt super proud of myself (and even impressed chef Anthony) when I figured out an easy way to toast buns for our grilled chicken and pineapple sandwiches this week.
IMG_2373IMG_2374See them atop the toaster, turn on the toaster, and let the heat do what it does.  Easy peasy.  #hotAcrossbuns
Last but not least, you’ve read our rave review about eMeals.  Anthony calls it life-changing and I have to agree.  To add to the life-changing status, possibly elevating it to mind-blown status – Walmart grocery pick-up.  I’ve used it twice now and I am hooked.  Basically I have someone else planning my meals for me (for which we pay $5 a month) and someone else doing my grocery shopping (for free).  Before Walmart grocery, I’d either have to spend the hour or so of coveted alone time I get during the week in the grocery store…not really the best use of alone-time I can think of and quite possibly, the worst.  It was either that or running through with the kids and the limo cart and you just never know what’ll happen then because lots of little kids + one mom + public places usually = chaos.  But now, I grab the grocery list eMeals sends, plug everything into Walmart grocery (we usually use six of the seven meals, swapping out one for a staple meal) plus stuff we need for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, and drive ten minutes to have all of it brought out to my car.  Fuss-free.  So, if you’re anything like me and loathe meal planning or hate spending me-time in a grocery store when a thrift store would be so much more gratifying, you should try both of these things.  You can try eMeals free for two weeks through our referral link here and check to see if Walmart grocery pick-up is an option in your area through our refferal link here.  You won’t regret it.  Pinky swear.  (Also, I could write for sentences and sentences but I should mention that we just went over our monthly budget from last year and we spent, on average, $450 a month in groceries last year.  Maybe that’s high to you and maybe that’s low but to us, that’s pretty dang good.  Every meal we make from eMeals costs us about $10, not per person, for the entire family.  AND, 75% of the time we have leftovers to convert to the next day’s lunch.  Ok, I’ll shut up now.)
Any fun weekend plans?  It’s going to be in the 70’s and sunny here so we are going to bask in that and dig into some projects.  Anthony has Monday off so right now I’m staring down a great weekend and I kinda love it!
Peace out! Hot smile

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*There are affiliate links included in this post  I hope you don’t mind!  I don’t write sponsored posts or review products I’ve never bought first anymore in the name of total transparency, so including links to items I’ve purchased or am thinking about purchasing is the only way I generate a commission.  Thank you for your support!
*If you use our eMeals referral link, we’ll get a month free so thank you in advance if you do!  If you use our Walmart grocery pick-up referral link, we’ll get $10 off our next order and SO WILL YOU!  Happy notgrocery shopping!


  1. YESSSS to Walmart Grocery Pickup! I just tried it for the first time this week, and it was awesome! I really dislike our nearby Walmart Supercenter and never shop there for groceries (crummy produce and uniform apathy from store associates), so I almost scrapped my half-full online cart and said forget it. I couldn't imagine I would be happy with the fruit, veggies or meats someone there would pick out for me. But the website gave me an automatic pickup location -- a Walmart Neighborhood Market a little farther away -- so I decided to risk it. I could not have been more impressed. Like, I called the 800 number on the receipt to compliment them impressed. The Pickup Department manager himself came out, introduced himself, explained the program, gave us some freebies, loaded our car and we were done without ever even turning off the engine. He obviously took pride in his work, and it showed. Our fresh items *were* fresh, cold and unblemished. And I think shopping from my couch, once kids are in bed, will make it easier to stay on budget than adding items up in my head as I race through a crowded store with a toddler and infant distracting me! Anyway, long comment to say, "Yes! I found it, too, and it's a game changer!"

    1. Haha!! So awesome! We have a Walmart Neighborhood Market two minutes from our house and they don't have pick-up yet but hopefully they will soon! I don't mind the ten minute drive though! It's worth it! Game changer is right! :)

  2. Thanks to your recommendation on eMeals in the past, we've been using it for close to 2 years now. And it is definitely life changing! Also, take my money and decorate my house for me. Love those rugs!! ~Chelsea

    1. Haha! We could probably both benefit from going to each other's house and giving opinions here and there Chelsea! I feel like I get stuck sometimes just because I'm staring at the same slate. :)