Look It

As my kids would say…”Look it Mommy!”  Well, look it guys!  While I’m puttering away at deep cleaning our kitchen this week (and I really mean puttering because…kids), it’s a great time to pop in and share some creative ideas and pretty projects done by other people. 

Look it!

One thing that has a surefire way of making my heart swell is when a reader tells me they used one of my tutorials for something…and then they send me pictures.  Lisa has been a reader and one of the sweetest commenters ever here on my little blog for a long time and awhile back, she wrote me an email telling me that she had helped her niece make valances like the ones we made for our dining nook.

Here’s the before:

And here’s the after:
IMG_0453I love that her windows are situated similarly to ours!  That makes it even more fun!  But seriously, didn’t they do a great job?  It’s always amazing to see just what a big difference adding window treatments makes!

Lisa also just sent me this picture of a bed post that her and her husband turned into a table!  Look!
IMG_0405THAT, is impressive, no?

Then there’s my friend Bonnie.  She blogs over at A Knotted Life and you should really go follow her and read all about her miracle story.  Then once you start reading her blog, you’ll want to call her up for a coffee date because she’s that great.    

Anyway, she posted about her birdbath on Instagram a month or so ago and I was so impressed.  The lady is genius!  As the story goes, the previous owners of her current home left a birdbath behind.  Well that’s all fine and dandy except that the birdbath was broken so no bird-watching could Bonnie and her fam do.  So, instead of tossing it, she filled it with dirt and turned it into a beautiful planter!

I mean, isn’t that genius?  Can you imagine how many countless birdbaths have been trashed because they couldn’t serve their intended purpose anymore?! 

Last but not least, you guys know how much I love spray paint, right?  Well then it shouldn’t surprise you that I loved this transformation by Mary.  She shared this in a Facebook group and I thought it was so awesome that I asked if I could share her handiwork here!  The metal house numbers on her house were looking a little worse for wear. 
So she grabbed a can of spray paint and now they look as good as new and just really fantastic, don’t you think?13612225_10155023360195031_5194626441292375286_nWould you ever guess, if you hadn’t known, that they weren’t brand new?!  Nope, me either.  Spray paint, I tell ya.  The stuff is magical.

So, let’s give a rousing round of applause for these three creative ladies and their A+ transformations!  Since we’re so slow at getting fun projects done around here these days, it’s nice to be able to show off everyone else’s stuff!


  1. Thanx for posting my pics Sheena! Live the bird bath repurposing and am definitely a fan of spray paint. I did the same with our grossly worn and faded outside garage lights, also brass. Some lightly sanding and Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint and it made a world of difference. Yay for DIY and wonderful blogs like yours!

    1. Oops, thats LOVE the birdbath.

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    3. We spray painted our outdoor lights too! Great minds Lisa... :)