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I'm not sure exactly how two weeks can go by so quickly yet seem like a few months at the same time.  Our lives have been a roller coaster of events and emotions like never before experienced.  Let me give you a recap.  The last week and a half was entirely consumed by flying to be with my sister to help her prepare for her wedding, which went off without a hitch last weekend.  I thought our wedding was hard to plan but let me tell you, hers was almost completely D.I.Y.  From making her gorgeous mantilla veil (definitely on the top of my list of "Things I've D.I.Y.ed") to buying flowers in bulk and making the bouquets and boutonnieres, to designing and printing programs, place cards, and table numbers (thank you Debbie and Patrick), to making bridesmaid's shawls, etc...etc...and then figuring out when to eat and sleep...our week was PACKED!  By Sunday all I wanted to do was sit and stare at a wall.  :)  But, the wedding was incredible and now the two newlyweds are enjoying their first moments of a whole new world called Marriage - an incredible Sacrament.  
On top of the wedding, I got to see one of my best friends whom I haven't seen in over six years!  Then, with a lot of spontaneity involved, we've run across a HUGE potential decision/project...thereby making this the most jam-packed month in our marriage lives yet.  More details to come as soon as we figure out what God wants for us in our lives.  Keep us in your prayers!

P.S.  I know I haven't been squeezing out any projects lately but I have a "spray-painting afternoon" planned for myself so watch and see what's gonna get coated next!  :) 

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