"What is it God? I'd love to know!"

We still haven't sold our house.  :(  We've had three open houses with no one knocking at the door to roam around.  We've had tons of people ask us if we'd be interested in leasing to own, but that avenue isn't for us.  However, we had one interested man with whom financing was an issue.  The fact that there are a bajillion houses for sale in this neighborhood doesn't help and sometimes the fact that we're listing by owner (we got two calls from realtors whose clients really wanted to see it but the two realtors couldn't show it without making at least a 3% commission).  Plus, after selling our previous home in a few weeks, going on eight months with this one just seems way too long!  
This past week my minds wheels have been spinning with questions like "Is it your will that we move Lord?", "Do you want us to just sit tight in this house?", and "Should we take it off the market or just be patient?".  Usually, I just sit in patience waiting and knowing that God will take care of it.  But when my mind starts questioning what His next step for us is, then I know I need to take my curiosity to prayer because maybe He wants me to know something else...another plan...the next decision needs to be made.  So the point is "Whatcha want Lord?  We're all ears, er...minds, er...hearts!"
So anywho, I can't write a post and not include some sort of DIY something or other!  I put together a few pictures showing the changes our guestroom has overcome since we began and I thought I'd share.  Who doesn't love a good progress report?  :)

This is before we moved in:

After we moved in and made it "livable" for my grandparents visit...a.k.a. bought a mattress:
  This is also right before I took a foam roller and white paint to every single door in the house including the two closet doors in this room.  :)

This is a few months later:
We added a fresh coat of paint on the walls and trim, a clearanced $20 duvet set, home-made curtains, thrift store (and thoroughly washed) pillows on the window seat, and primer on the desk.

And then we found a picture-frame-we-use-as-a-headboard for a couple bucks at a yard sale, a universal bed frame on craigslist, a two dollar Target bed skirt.  The chair at the desk had been sitting in our outdoor shed, left from the previous owner...gotta love free!
Oh yeah, then my sister gave me those two lamps, which sat on those nightstands for a day or two before I found...

...the nightstands in this picture for $10 each (more on those in the future...they will be getting made-over).
I also went white with the 'headboard', added some flair to the white pillow on the bed, and "Bernie" my gifted sewing machine made her debut into our home and this room!

And last but certainly not least...unless someone buys our house tomorrow...
more throw pillows, a faux roman shade, and revamped thrift store lamps have made this room what it is today...a long way from this:

Picture frames and such won't adorn the walls until we're sure we'll stay in this house (the less holes to fill, the better) so besides making a project out of those nightstands, the desk chair, and the desk someday, we're done in here.  But just wait until you see my next project - a curb-side, antique love seat I'm dying to tackle!  Thank goodness life is slowing down a little because I'm guessing this one will be a doozy!  :) 

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